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Scenic Tourist Flow Analysis System
Under the strategic background of expanding domestic demand, tourism has become the pillar industry of some provinces. How to improve travel quality and tourist perception and enhance service level have also become problems that tourism authorities confront. During the National Day holiday in 2013, tourists overrun and retention occurred in most tourism areas of many provinces, not only bringing about a lot of security issues, but influencing on travel quality greatly. To enhance the overall quality of services in tourism industry and provide tourists with higher quality services, scenic tourist flow monitoring and analysis system is urgently needed.

Incident Review Tourists Retention at Jiuzhaigou Valley
On October 2, 2013, tourists crowded at Jiuzhaigou Valley, this retention incident incurred the attention of the whole country. On that day, people crowded in the scenic spot seriously, but there were still tourists entering, which is the main cause of tourists’retention and incidentoccurrence. In the evening of the same day, thousands of tourists gathered at the square in front of the ticket lobby. In fact, for a long time, facilities and management level of Jiuzhaigou Valley have been considered to be leading.

Analysis opinion I: How to calculate real-time tourist flow and realize early warning for carrying capacity in scenic spots?
Traditional calculation relies on manual information collection, so the effectiveness of information cannot be guaranteed. The telecom analysis mode, based on the analysis and processing for telecom network data, 24-hour monitoring and real-time intelligent statistics, can make an analysis and judgment over carrying capacity in scenic spots and send warning information.

Analysis opinion II: How to maketravel routeplanning reasonably and disperse tourists?
Traditional travel route planning isgenerally obtained from travel agency or web browsing. Tourists often gather in hot scenic spots, resulting in retention. The telecom analysis mode can makean analysis over travel route according to historical data, relationship of time, position and tourist, and offer different route plans to tourists as reference. When retention occurs, tourists are dispersed safely according to real-time flow tracking. SMS is used to inform tourists about the dispersion solution.

Analysis opinion III: How do staffs in scenic spots know about tourist flow in time?
With various terminals, such as mobile phone, tablet, the telecom analysis mode becomes more rapid and convenient, enabling to get the dynamic information of tourist flow and response options in real time.

Analysis opinion IV: How to respond to emergency?
Once emergency occurs, the scenic spot, even the city is often affected negatively to a large extent. By telecom analysis mode, we can sendmessage notice in time, inform tourists about the dealing progress, stabilize tourists’ mood and eliminate negative effects.

Introduction to Scenic Tourist Flow Analysis System
By mobile network signaling acquisition, scenic tourist flow analysis system can capture tourists’ current location, geographical attribution and other information when their mobile phone occur location update, on off, call establishment (calling and called), SMS sending and receiving, switch and other signaling events, make statistics on scenic tourist flow and hot scenic spots, and acquire related information based on the relationship between users, time and location. According to the dataacquisition of mobile phone service, provides refined user analysis.

Scenic tourist flow analysis system achievesthe fully automatedreal-time statistics onscenic tourist flow by telecom analysis mode. Monitoring range can achieve 100% coverage, automatically generate analysis charts, scenic tourist dynamic trend and travel trajectory,provide accurate, scientific, detailed and used tourist data and information service, to enhance the management and service of the tourism industry.

Scenic tourist flow analysis system adopts B/S architecture, and user can directly access this system by browser to make operation. This system version is easily to maintain and manage, and software can be upgraded in server terminal directly.
The system architecture is shown as follows:
1. Know the scenic tourist flow distribution of the whole city
The statistics on tourist flow information with the traditional way cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the information. Telecom analytical model make analytical processing, 24 hours monitoring and real-time intelligence statisticsbased on telecom network data. Also it can analyze scenic spots carrying capacity, and make early warning.

2. The coverage of whole city
Thewhole telecommunication network coverage makes the monitoring range to the whole city and refines to the scenic according to the territorial scope.
3. Distinguish tourist types by multi-dimensions
According to the tourists’ origin, distinguish their origin of the nation, province and city. And according to time and space characteristics of tourists, classify theirgroups and analyze travelroute preference

4. Establish real-time connection with tourists
Acquire real-time different types of tourists under the detection range, by the way of directional information push, push information notification, scenic welcome information, related tourism product recommendations andtourist flow guidance etc. to specified users

5. Promote the overall tourism service
Smart tourism service with the introduction of big data applications will fully collect, analyze and integrate tourism resources data in order to achieve the best allocation of service resources. By tourism-related basis,collect tourists’ consumer trends, tourism resource status and other data to make quantitative analysis, timely adjustment and appropriate strategies to provide better services for tourists, also greatly enhance the overall management efficiency.

6. Provide data support for macro decision-making
With thebig data analysis applications development of smart tourism, smart tourism platformunder the support of big data developed to be more comprehensive, through the large amounts of data analysis and mining, provide related scientific basis for market guidance and management gradually .

1. Low construction cost
Low investments, quick open, don’t need to purchase and deploy the server, save one-time investment costs, can be used after open, and quick returns.

2. Telecom-grade maintenanceand support
Provide product operation training to ensure customers’ skillful use.In the face of problems, the integrated management and service of telecom province, city and county can react quickly.

3. Centralized deployment and smooth upgrade
Centralized deployment and platform unified upgrade, no post-upgrade and cost investment.

4. Perfect system function
System function is perfect, including PC, mobile phone client and other various login ways.

5. Quickly add key monitoring scenic spots
Make quickly adjustmentto the boundaries of monitored scenic and configure monitored area flexibly according to actual demand, data results take effectimmediately.
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