App Data Safety Guard Solution

At present, the mobile malicious software is growing rapidly. Mobilemalwareis not only to eavesdrop on user conversation, steal user privateinformation, unauthorized use of paid services and consumption data flowarbitrarily, even endanger the network security.

In fact, it is not only subscriber being disturbed by malicious software, telecommunication suppliers have also been affected, because of the lack of inspection tools, some of malicious software sneak through different ways such as pre-sold mobile phone and phone shop’s app promote system, which means malware spread into market with the help of the telecom enterprises, which leading to suppliers are complained by their customer, also influencing on their corporate brand, and even related to their normal businessexpansion.

In order to stop spreading of malicious software,provide subscriber with more secure, more reliable smartphone and better protected app software services, the application & service evaluation department of ZCTT has put forward a new solution for secure protection of mobile app data. Conforming to related standards of the Ministry of Industry and Information in application security detection, all the solid and perfectapp safety solution is able to help telecom suppliersbuilding their security management system, and forcing to stop malicious softwareinflowingmobile network market,at same time ZCTT safety product could enhance the telecom corporate brand imagecomprehensively.

1. This solution provides telecom suppliers with specialized appsecurity testing devices called“App Data Safety Guard”. The solution established a direct test channel between the phone shop and professionalapp safety inspection organizations.With the depth specialized application security testing capabilities, our target is to provide a mobile application software securityexamining method to the telecom phone shops.

2. Provide application security testingdata from “App Data Safety Guard”, which is deployed by telecom phone shop, and it will meet all the application software security inspectionrequirementsfor the telecom suppliers.


Testing Capability Analysis
ZCTT security protection system is different from traditional virus scanning modes, the solution provides security testing technologies that not only includetraditional code signature scanning technology, and furthermore integrated with the most advanced‘dynamic behavior monitoring technology, network monitoring analysis technology, data detecting analysis technology’, thus our solution is demonstrating our comprehensive testing capabilitiesfor malicious application software.

1. Testing Principle
According to the concept of “Comprehensive monitoring, Significant focusing” which is put forward by the Ministry of Industry and Information for application software security, conduct detection over the following concerning application permission:

Comprehensive Monitoring
Device Information
IMEI IMSI ICCID SIM Card Service Provider Mobile Phone Number Positioning Information
Personal Information File Information
Address Book Call Record SMS Record Access of SD Card Installation of Application List List of Audio and Video System Log
Key Concerns
Unauthorized Sending Personal Information
SMS Sending Network Sending
Sending Behavior Receiving Number SMS Content Device Information Personal Information Location Information
Unauthorized Executing Malicious Program
Unaware Upload Personal Privacy Unaware Ordering Paid Services Unaware Downloading and Installing  Apps

2. Testing Scope
On the definition of a standardfor malicious software behaviormust followthe related regulations which are issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information, such as Monitoring and Disposal Mechanism for Malicious Applications of Mobile Internet, Regulations for Personal Information Protection of Telecom and Internet Users and Notice on Strengthening Access Management of Mobile Intelligent Terminal, ZCTT security protection system provide expert testing method that is not only discovering traditional malicious software behavior, but also could be in accordance withthe latest standards of MIIT. The main purpose of this solution is to find app software implicit malicious behaviors, such as malicious payment, expenses consumption, trap fraud, and broken operation system etc…, furthermore, our solution is focusing on personal privacy disclosure performance

Specific Testing Scopes
a. Collecting or using users’personal information without permission
b. Customizing paid services and consuming users’ telephone fare without permission
c. Downloading other unrelated application software and consuming users’flowwithout permission
d. Promotingother unrelated application software to users by cheating or misleading

3. Specific TestingObjects
a. Application privilege monitoring: Monitoring excessive application or use of authorities that are unrelated to native application functions. Specific monitoring includes excessive application and use of sensitiveprivilege.
b. Advertisement plug-in monitoring: Mainly monitoring the advertisement behaviors of theapplications. Specific monitoring includes embedded advertisementstatistics, malicious advertisement, malicious score wall.
c. Application unawareactions monitoring: Monitoring all kinds of unawareactions in background. Specific monitoring includes reading device information without noticing (IMEI, IMSI, phone number, location information), and unknowing reading privacy information (address book, call record, SMS record).
d. Unauthorizedsending actionsmonitoring: Monitoring everykind of sending actionsin background.Specific monitoring includes unauthorized sending of sensitive information (IMEI, IMSI, phonenumber, location information, address book, call record, SMS record); unauthorized sending of SMS (sending number, sending content).
e. Unauthorized file informationreading: Monitoring all kinds of unawarereading actionsin background. Specific monitoring includes reading application installation list, browser bookmark, audio/video/image information, account number of third-party applications.
f. Network actions monitoring: Monitoring network status in background. Specific monitoring includes network connection time, upload throughput, download throughput, unaware download application software, and unaware app installation.

4. Testing Technology
ZCTT security protection system introducesthe most advancedapplication securitytesting techniques. The system adopts a specialized test terminal which is embedded with real mobile phones as a basic environment for testing. Allapp testingprocesses arecompleted ina real environment(real smartphones, real network), which means all the test results are absolutely accurate.

Combined with the static scanning technology, dynamic monitoring technology and network listening technology, the system is able to monitor behaviors of privacy leakage, and app code layer, system layer, network transmission layer for discovering malicious payment, broken operation systemand maliciousdownload.

a. Static Scanning Technology
Identical to the traditional virus scanning mode, the static feature scanning technology conducts inspection over the application code layer, makes a reverse analysis over the invocation of sensitive behavior motion API and detects malicious risks hidden in applications rapidly with the rapidly filtering technology for feature code. In addition, the technology can discover problems of excessive application for privilege and excessive use of privilege in applications by analyzing the privilege application code of the application.

b. Dynamic Monitoring Technology
The dynamic behavior-monitoring technology emphasizes applications behavior monitoring. The system can monitor all motions and behaviors related to applications comprehensively, including silent motionmonitoring. Silent motion is adopted by most of malicious behaviors and cannot be foundby users, so it has very strong concealment and brought great harm. However, the traditional security test methods for application stores cannot monitor static motion effectively, easily causing misleading.

The solution adopts the dynamic monitoring technology that can realize comprehensive monitoring and real-time interception for the mobile phone system effectively. While listening to all points in the mobile phone operating system in real time, the system can display any motions and behaviors generated by the application. Due to all the silent motionsare monitored and recorded, the malicious behaviors will be founded easily.

c. Network Listening Technology
Network Listening Technology combines with the network packet catching and sensitive word filtering technology in the data transmission layer of mobile phones.Due to adopting real mobile phones as the standard test environment for application test, the network listening technology can capture all of network data generated in mobile phones in real time. With the application of the sensitive word filtering technology, the system can rapidly determine whether sensitive information has been leaked, and finally discover the personal information stealing behaviors hidden in application software.

At present, by security test for application stores, personal information leakage cannot be detected generally. Nevertheless, with the personal information protection regulations issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information, application reviewer should pay more attention to personal information leakage. The traditional code scanning mode, which only focuses on code analysis application behaviors, cannot determine whether information transmission relates to the functions, therefore producing a lot of misdescriptions. However, the solution provided by ZCTT can discover privacy leakage accurately based on the real test environment.

ZCTT security protection system adopts the exclusive detecting technology approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information, that is not only solve incorrect and missed problems in traditional virus scanning mode effectively, but also discover emerging viruses and their variants. Meanwhile, according to the latest application security test standard of the Ministry of Industry and Information, we enlarge detection range and realize the protection of personal information for mobile internet preferably.

This solution provides complete ‘App data safety Guard’for telecom companies. Under the protection of this system, our ideas are introducing green and secure product to solve appsafety testing concern and examining problem for telecom mobile shop apppromotion. Finally through ZCTTapp security system, telecom suppliers will provide high-quality and safety app software to their customs and improve customer satisfaction. Meanwhile all our effort will bring a good business to China telecom suppliers and help them to build their security brand image.

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