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High-speed Train
Communication Quality Optimization Analysis Solution

The high-speed train network optimization is always the priority in the daily network optimization work of communication operators. However, problems like optimization tools insufficiency, high testing cost, high occasional problem and low efficient problem-solving, have always been confusing the operators.

The high-speed train wireless network quality evaluation system of ZCTT uses the signaling monitoring system data to build the high-speed train user separation model and extract the high-speed train user from the massive signaling data. This system can keep tracking the signaling service event of high-speed train user, perform a special system evaluation in view of users, establish a key commercial traveler database based on the frequency of taking the high-speed train, and help operators find out users with bad perception in advance to improve the customer perception and satisfaction.

1. Building a high-speed train user separation model to obtain the high-speed train user accurately
Previously, the operator needs to acquire the relevant user’s signaling data by the signaling monitoring system to restore the scenario that the problem occurs when settling users’ complaints However, the operator is always confused about being unable to determine whether the problem that users complain about is in common. The difficulty is how to find out the user taking the same train from massive data so as to see whether the user has the same problem.
High-speed train wireless network quality evaluation system can create conditions for operators to obtain the user in the same train from the massive data by building the separation model.

2. High-speed train users’ perception report tailored for passengers
After using the high speed train users’ recording function to inquire the user by the same train with the complained user, the network optimization department wants to know if these users have the same problem with the complained user in service.
The user perception report takes the high-speed train user as the target user group and outputs reports during users taking trains. The report takes MSISDN, IMSI, terminal manufacturer, terminal type, line and direction as dimension to generate each relevant statistical index and latency.

3. Evaluating the network element service quality in the view of user
The operator usually uses the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of device manufacturer to measure the network element performance during normal network optimization, but the statistical object of traditional KPI doesn’t distinguish users, i.e. it will cover all users under the network element. However, with the change in operating style, the operator operates in a fine way instead of rough. The operator pays more attention to the real feeling of specific user under the given scenario. What’s the real feeling of users under the scenario?
High-speed train cell service quality takes time, high-speed train line, city, LAC and CI as dimension to display each service indicators and delay for users.

Network optimization personal positioning can start from the statistical indicators, skip the original problems, and then drill the relevant signaling process from the original record to position the problem easily by “1->2->3” mode.

4. High-speed train network access rationality evaluation
High-speed train network access is divided into station access and border access.

a) Station access rationality evaluation
As part of high-speed train network access, high-speed train station is always the key to the network optimization. Improper settings for the station and its surrounding network elements will cause the phone signal cannot enter into the private network or return to the surrounding large network from the private network. The high-speed train network makes some special optimal settings for high-speed moving, but the large network along the link doesn’t, so the traveler can’t enjoy the service of the private network in his journey when his phone signal enters into the large network. Frequent dropping, unclear voice, unable to send message and unable to browse quickly on the internet will always confuse the travelers

Station acess rationality evaluation can measure the private network access rationality of different stations by introducing the numbers of high-speed train user, high-speed train user private network access rate and large network access rate index.

b) High-speed train network border access rationality evaluation
For the high-speed train network with different LAC in different cities, to ensure mobile phone signal can update from one private network location to the other private network or from one large network location along the high-speed train line to a new private network when high-speed users cross inter-provincial or city border, the optimization department usually does some special parameter settings for the base station and antenna. To evaluate the border access setting rationally, the border access rationality evaluation feature offers 3 indicators: percentage of accessing the private network from the large network in given time, percentage of accessing private network and percentage of quitting the private network.

5. Risk-prone private network cell evaluation
The high-speed train private network is designed to keep traveler’s phone signal  in the private network when the traveler is on train. However, affected by device, terminal, geographic location and wireless environment, the phone signal of traveler will enter into a large network along the line from the private network when the traveler is on train. Such private network cell is defined as the risk-prone private network cell.

Risk-prone private network cell evaluation feature can offer the statistical data from the private network location updating to the high-speed train large network along the line in given time. The network optimization personal can skip out of detailed “off-network” log analysis and locate the prone-risk private network cell through the statistics.

Abnormal resident private network evaluation
The operator always hopes to take the traveler by train as the private network service target. However, many lines are quite close to cities along the line in which some lines go through cities directly. It is evitable that the phone of citizen along the line will occupy the high-speed train private network resource. To avoid occupying the resource by citizens along the line, the operator usually set some special parameters to allow citizens use the large network only even if the call is hard to enter the private network to use the resource. What confuse the operator is that some user terminals will interact with the private network by signaling frequently to use the frequency and channel resource of the private network to make the relative shortage resource more deficient.

Abnormal private network resident user analysis function can help the operator to understand which cell is easy to be affected by the surrounding user and which user will affect the cell through the location updating time of non-user in the statistical private network cell.

7. High-speed train users monitoring can provide the prediction and forewarning for holiday security
On the important holidays, as an important traveling transportation tool, the high-speed train is a preferred tool for most travelers. However, an increasing high-speed train users brought by the holiday effect will have an impact on the private network, which will affect the base station along the line directly. The hardware resource of base station along the line will be consumed completely. Call, message and internet service of traveler will be affected because of unavailable resource. Then, can operator pre-estimate the numbers of traveler during holidays and prepare in advance?

High-speed train wireless network quality evaluation system can provide a reference for different time-granularity users according to the line and direction.

High-speed train wireless network quality system functions
1. High-speed train user service perception report
2. High-speed train cell service quality report
3. High-speed train station entrance rationality evaluation
4. Border entrance rationality evaluation
5. Risk-prone private network cell evaluation
6. High-speed train user drifting analysis
7. Abnormal resident high-speed train private network user analysis

High-speed train wireless network quality evaluation system deployment
Signaling monitoring system: make field extension and filtering to BDR related to the high-speed train service by preprocessing, and then by soft-bus deliver data to the high-speed train DB server to perform a following process.
High-speed train DB server: it is responsible for the identification processing and secondary backfilling and extension of the relevant service signaling record of the high-speed train user, network element along the line and relevant statistical indicators generation of the high-speed train user.
DMPA server: it is responsible for interface presentation and human-machine interaction

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