VoLTE Monitoring

Product Background
VoLTE, the final voice solution for 4G, is to use IMS as the service control system and EPC as the bearer network of voice/video data. Under the high-speed 4G network environment, the OTT voice services, such as Skype, WeChat, have quite strong competitiveness for its versatile open and funny applications, which lead to the competitions between traditional operators and OTT service providers, so operators must rely on the shorter call connection time and high voice quality of VoLTE to keep competitive in the voice service market.

Therefore, how to monitor and guarantee VoLTE session control quality in signaling plane and voice perception quality in user plane is an important problem for operators currently. ZCTT, relying on the VoLTE monitoring and analysis requirements, has made use of its technological accumulations on IMS and LTE network monitoring to launch the VoLTE service analysis solution.

Product Features
1.2G/3G/4G/ IMS network monitoring capability;
2.The uniform software and hardware platform for 2G/3G/4G;
3.10+ successful 
commercialization cases of IMS monitoring in China, and abundant experiences on SIP correlation analysis and superiority in  IMS data reuse;
4.Real-time MOS analysis capability with unique voice data collection and analysis technologies;
5.End-to-end LTE-IMS-2G correlation and eSRVCC correlation;
6.Comprehensive KPI/KQI signaling quality and user perception analysis;
7.B/S architecture;

Monitoring Scope
Monitoring scope mainly include the following interfaces.

Interface Signaling
 S1-MME interface  S1-AP
 Sv interface of MME-  eMSC  GTPV2-C
 SGi interface of  PGW-IMS  GTP-  U/SIP/RTP/RTCP
 MX interface of  eMSC-ATCF  SIP
 IMS core network  SIP/DIAMETER
 Mc interface  BSSAP
 MGW-IMS interface  RTP/RTCP

Product Functions
1.Service CDR tracking and query
2.Signaling KPI statistics query
3.Media VoIP QoS statistics query
4.Network running quality alarming monitoring in real time
5.On-line collection and analysis for user data
6.Query results storage and filtering 
7.Associated records skip query, and original data drilling
8.Various display modes, such as tables, bar chart, line chart, pie chart.

Typial Applications

User complaint handling
If users cannot register and get through or suddenly interrupt when they use VoLTE services, they will make complaints, so it is necessary to trace and query real-time or history records to analyze service results, failure causes, and original signaling processes by correlating end-to-end signaling, thus locating and solving quality problems of the control signaling.

Health degree of network KPI
Due to the complexities of VoLTE network, all processes of network control will exert impact on health degree of network KPI. If the success rate of VoLTE service bearer establish, SIP register and call, is quite low, and SRVCC handover quality is not good, which indicates that the stability of the VoLTE network is quite low. Therefore, network maintenance personnel need to monitor many kinds of KPI, and find out the causes for specific network problems through indicators statistics analysis, filtering, and drilling etc.

Users service perception
Compared with OTT service providers, the advantage of VoLTE is high voice quality, including low connection delay, low call drop rate, and excellent voice transmission quality. How to maintain the reliable operation of VoLTE network requires the analysis on control signaling delay and call drop rate, IP voice transport quality, as well as voice perception MOS.

VIP/user group service quality
During the development of VoLTE services, some important or special user groups may promote, propagate, restrain or put off this development. These user groups include high-quality user group, complaining user group, potential user group, government user group, and etc. For these user groups, specific monitoring on service quality and user perception is required.   

VoLTE terminals quality
For the development of any new service and networks, terminals are very important. Terminals that support VoLTE services should not only have a lot of varieties, but also have good session quality. Among these terminals, operators should find out the terminals with good call quality and handover quality, excellent user perception and high popularity through monitoring and analysis, and then promote these terminals.

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